Coconut Pancakes

For breakfast this morning, I made coconut pancakes. I based my recipe off of Cheeseslave’s Coconut Flour Pancakes. I didn’t have coconut flour so I used a combo of powdered and flaked coconut. To compensate for the increased fat content from coconut, I reduced the eggs for three to two and the butter from three tablespoons to two tablespoons. The recipe says to add some milk or coconut milk but I forgot this step :P.  I used butter for the frying. I ended up with four pancakes. They tasted rich and coconuty- maybe a little too much due to lack of milk?. I ate them plain but they would probably taste even better with some sweet toppings to offset the richness of the pancakes. I’ll top them with plain whipped cream and maybe some berries when I make them again. And I’ll try to remember to add some milk to the batter.

Coconut Pancakes


  • 3 tablespoons powdered coconut
  • 1 tablespoon flaked coconut
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 3 tablespoons coconut milk/milk*
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • sweetener to taste (I didn’t use any but 1-2 tsp is probably good)

*My batter was on the liquidy side even without milk. Increase the amount of coconut if needed.


1. Mix all ingredients until smooth.

2. Using medium or medium-low heat, heat fat or cooking oil of choice in pan. Spoon 2-3 tbsp batter onto pan.

3. Flip when underside of pancake is golden brown and/or when bubbles pop on side of pancake facing up.

4. Repeat for other pancakes. Add extra oil or fat if needed.

5. Top with toppings and eat!

batter in pan

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Curry Quiche Thing

Yesterday, I attempted to make a quiche/clafouti thing for breakfast- probably my first attempt at baking.I used my microwave’s oven mode (space is limited here in Japan so combo microwaves FTW!) I looked at a several recipes such as: Paleo Mini Quiche and Chicken Curry Clafouti. For the fillings, I sauteed onions, tomatoes, and precooked bacon along with curry powder. I beat two whole eggs and two egg whites (ate two egg yolks raw for the nutrition) with pepper, a little salt, more curry powder, some milk, and 40 grams of butter. My first big mistake: I forgot to melt the butter! The egg mixture ended up with many little clumps of butter. Then I put the sauteed stuff into a microwave-safe dish and poured the egg mixture in. I put the dish in the microwave oven and set the temp to 170 degrees C.

A little later, my mom suddenly asked if the dish was oven safe. I had assumed that  there was no distinction between the microwave mode and microwave oven mode. Oops. I took out the half done quiche which already had a little crust forming. Then I transferred it to a metal pan by flipping the dish upside down. The quiche went back into the microwave. Total bake time: 35 minutes. While waiting for the quiche to finish baking, I looked at the bottom  of the dish and and realized it was oven-safe >_<. Argghh. The finished quiche looked okay. If I hadn’t flipped it, I might’ve gotten a nice crust. The quiche tasted good overall but next time I’ll add some extra spices like  cumin and nutmeg. I really liked the texture though- moist and slightly dense.

baked quiche

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Paleo Mug Brownies

Mug brownies are  brownies made from microwaved brownie batter. They taste great and are ready in minutes. The conventional non-paleo mug brownie usually contains cocoa powder, wheat flour, refined sugar, and vegetable oil. Not healthy at all. All that wheat, sugar, and vegetable oil will wreck havoc on your body, causing inflammation. I searched for a more paleo recipe until I stumbled upon this useful post on Active Low-Carber Forums. Basically, you  replace the flour and oil with a whole egg, which forms the base of the batter.  Eggs contain good fats and vitamins making this brownie far more nutritious than regular mug brownies.

If you need sweetness, use a more natural sweetener such as honey or stevia- don’t over do it though. Unrefined cocoa powder is a more natural choice than processed cocoa and apparently tastes less bitter. I don’t know much about this since I can’t find unprocessed cocoa where I live. Finally, this is not paleo but I like to add a few spoonfuls of milk. I find this adds a hint of sweetness without the need for a sweetener. Try coconut milk or dairy cream if you prefer not to use milk. If you prefer a cakier, lighter texture, add a small pinch of baking powder. I personally like a denser texture so I omit the powder. Throwing in some bits of dark chocolate is another tasty option.

Paleo Mug Brownies (based on this)


  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 tablespoons/30 ml of cocoa powder
  • sweetener to taste

Optional ingredients (lots of variations here duh):

  • a few spoon(s) of milk, cream, or coconut milk
  • chopped dark chocolate
  • pinch of baking soda

Crack the egg into the microwave safe mug or any other container. Add all other ingredients (you should probably add the dark chocolate, if using, after mixing). Mix with fork or favorite blending tool until smooth. Microwave for 45-80 seconds. Use less time for a moister brownie.

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