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New Favorite Food

It’s green on the outside and it’s yellow inside. The sweetish golden flesh is rich in caretenoids. Uncooked, the flesh is hard and not very appetizing. But when it’s cooked..delicious. Kabocha is its name. This winter squash is also known … Continue reading

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At the grocery store last week, I spotted some cut up portions of raw pork belly. I’ve never cooked pork belly before so I immediately picked up a piece. After searching the web for recipes,  I decided to make Homesick … Continue reading

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Food Pic Jumble

Photos are really useful for present and future focused people like me. Browsing though photos often sparks within me a profound feeling of aha! , that day was great or that day was absolute shit or that day I made … Continue reading

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Raw Paleo Chocolate Pudding

I must admit, my old recipe for mug brownies is rather mediocre. The end result tastes like eggy chocolate, with a souffleish, un-brownie like texture. The solution? Butter (Of course any animal fat or highly saturated plant oil will do. … Continue reading

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Coconut Pancakes

For breakfast this morning, I made coconut pancakes. I based my recipe off of Cheeseslave’s Coconut Flour Pancakes. I didn’t have coconut flour so I used a combo of powdered and flaked coconut. To compensate for the increased fat content … Continue reading

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Curry Quiche Thing

Yesterday, I attempted to make a quiche/clafouti thing for breakfast- probably my first attempt at baking.I used my microwave’s oven mode (space is limited here in Japan so combo microwaves FTW!) I looked at a several recipes such as: Paleo … Continue reading

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Paleo Mug Brownies

Mug brownies are  brownies made from microwaved brownie batter. They taste great and are ready in minutes. The conventional non-paleo mug brownie usually contains cocoa powder, wheat flour, refined sugar, and vegetable oil. Not healthy at all. All that wheat, … Continue reading

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