Top 5 Mistakes I’ve made (so far) while attempting to live a more evolutionarily appropriate lifestyle

1.  Assuming carbs are evil. Need I say more?*

2. Eating too much fat (liquid fat especially). Diarrhea was a major problem when I ate butter like candy or chugged down a can of coconut milk in one sitting. I even wondered why I couldn’t become leaner while guzzling down 800 calories worth of heavy cream or eating fatty cuts of meat sauteed in more fat. I suspect I am more prone to binging on fats than on carbs. High fat alone (just like refined carbs) also tends to crowd out micronutrients. Fatty steak always beats a bottle of oil.

3. Obsessing over macronutrient ratio while negating micro-nutrients. Now I am obsessed over getting enough magnesium (reaching 2/3 of RDA is a challenge for me) and getting enough fat soluble vitamins and obtaining a nice omega 3-6 ratio. No, it’s not good to be obsessed but far better to be obsessed about something that is more crucially important.

4. Did you know that houseflies puke up their food and gobble it down again? **

5. Forgetting other important aspects of health. How could I have expected to get leaner while over exercising (over-sprinting) or under exercising (over-slothing) and pushing my cortisol levels through the roof? I stayed up late doing assignments I should’ve finished hours or even weeks before. Final exams last year was probably the worst time of my life. I slept on average, only 3-4 hours while frantically reviewing material I should’ve reviewed months ago (at least I didn’t fail any subject). At one point, I did not sleep at all! ***

What I’ve learned (more like obvious stuff I always knew but never followed in practice until I somehow jumped.. err…clawed my way out of the hole):
•    Don’t assume too much; look for ideas that challenge you assumptions; keep on learning
•    Read a lot, think a lot (not tooooo much), put it to practice, experiment, rinse and repeat
•    Health should always come first. Worry about six pack later. Duh.
•    I have a new found respect for house flies

*FYI, I am again on a VLCish diet (transitioning to GAPS intro) temporarily because I am trying to resolve several health issues.
**according to this website:
***And I did it without any caffeine! Coffee smells like burnt tires to me.
****I am doing this right now as I type. Must..prep.. for…SAT….oooo look! what’s that shiny thing?
*****just had to type five little asterisks in a row. they’re like starfishes. aren’t they cute?

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