Raw Paleo Chocolate Pudding

I must admit, my old recipe for mug brownies is rather mediocre. The end result tastes like eggy chocolate, with a souffleish, un-brownie like texture. The solution? Butter (Of course any animal fat or highly saturated plant oil will do. I have to try bacon grease chocolate one day)! Mixing in some melted butter to the egg+cocoa powder mix and microwaving the goopy mess  turns it into a fast food version of flourless chocolate cake.

The texture can’t be described as brownie like but it’s pretty good. However, the safety of microwaves is debatable. My kitchen lacks an oven (unless you count the microwave’s oven mode) and I wanted to get more raw animal products into my diet.  I decided then to eat the mixture raw.

Whisking the mixture until it takes on a smooth texture takes some time but the end result is worth the sore arm! Very chocolatey and full of nutritious fats. Many of the tribes Weston A. Price studied ate some raw animal products, which likely contributed some part to their great health.

I tend to use the whole egg but you can skip the egg white if you are concerned about the avidin. Just make sure to use less cocoa powder or add another egg yolk. Otherwise, the mixture will end up too dry and clumpy.

Chocolate Pudding

Ingredients (for one serving)

  • 1 whole raw egg or 2 egg yolks
  • 3-5 teaspoons cocoa powder (more cocoa powder= thicker texture)
  • 15-20 gram butter

In a bowl, whisk egg and cocoa powder until smooth. Don’t whisk too hard or cocoa powder will splatter. If the mixture clumps up and gets stuck in the whisk, tap the whisk until the mixture  falls back into the bowl and continue to whisk.

Melt the butter and pour into the mixture. Whisk until the butter is evenly incorporated into the mixture and the texture is to your liking.

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