no dairy experiment

I’m rather tired of dealing with constant nasal congestion. Cold weather and pollution seem to worsen the congestion. I’d like to get my palate expanded but that’s not a option for me right now. An ENT doctor examined my nose and basically said that there was no real cure for my problem. He prescribed me antihistamines. I took them for two days with little or no visible effect. I could’ve tried the drugs for a little longer but I’d rather solve the root cause of the problem. Some research then lead me to learn about vitamin C’s anti-histamine activity. Vitamin C is relatively cheap and probably safer, being a water soluble vitamin, than pharmaceutical antihistamines so I’m currently supplementing 500mg-1000mg of ascorbic acid a day.

Additionally, a conventional decongestant nasal spray only gave me relief for 1-2 minutes after which my nose clogged up again. That’s okay since decongestant sprays irritate nasal mucous membranes and cause rebound effects in the long run.

Due to lack of  better ideas, I’m eliminating all dairy except butter for one month to see if a dairy is a culprit. I doubt if I can really assess whether dairy is a contributing factor because temperatures where I live are rising (yay spring). Also, I mostly refrain from dairy and still experience nasal congestion during bi-yearly (summer and winter) visits in a more polluted country.

The cheese in my fridge is smirking at me right now. Lactose Power!

There is of course, no harm in at least trying. I love cream and cheese but maybe a break from them will lead to some improvement. My east Asian ethnicity and the fact that milk gives me obvious GI problems leads me to conclude that dairy is not the most optimum food for me anyway.

Started no dairy: March 20

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  1. Lagan Pillay says:

    It’s good to see this place is finally getting the attention that it deserves! Keep up the great work.

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