Curry Quiche Thing

Yesterday, I attempted to make a quiche/clafouti thing for breakfast- probably my first attempt at baking.I used my microwave’s oven mode (space is limited here in Japan so combo microwaves FTW!) I looked at a several recipes such as: Paleo Mini Quiche and Chicken Curry Clafouti. For the fillings, I sauteed onions, tomatoes, and precooked bacon along with curry powder. I beat two whole eggs and two egg whites (ate two egg yolks raw for the nutrition) with pepper, a little salt, more curry powder, some milk, and 40 grams of butter. My first big mistake: I forgot to melt the butter! The egg mixture ended up with many little clumps of butter. Then I put the sauteed stuff into a microwave-safe dish and poured the egg mixture in. I put the dish in the microwave oven and set the temp to 170 degrees C.

A little later, my mom suddenly asked if the dish was oven safe. I had assumed that  there was no distinction between the microwave mode and microwave oven mode. Oops. I took out the half done quiche which already had a little crust forming. Then I transferred it to a metal pan by flipping the dish upside down. The quiche went back into the microwave. Total bake time: 35 minutes. While waiting for the quiche to finish baking, I looked at the bottom  of the dish and and realized it was oven-safe >_<. Argghh. The finished quiche looked okay. If I hadn’t flipped it, I might’ve gotten a nice crust. The quiche tasted good overall but next time I’ll add some extra spices like  cumin and nutmeg. I really liked the texture though- moist and slightly dense.

baked quiche

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